Unknown too many, Nottingham has a name City of Caves.

A city sat on weakly compacted sand stone which is easy to scoop, even today as many 500 medieval rock dwellings and caves remain underneath the streets of the city dating back to the dark ages.

The caves of Nottingham include a medieval underground tannery, Anderson air raid shelter where thousands of people sought refuge during WWII and the remnants of Victorian slums.


Nottingham Castle Rock

Nottingham Castle was built on top of a 35 metre reverse strike fault which exists in the middle of Nottingham and historically important tunnels run from top to bottom of this feature.

Since 1998 Central High Rise has been involved in help manage this historic site, work includes vegetation removal, removing or pinning back loose rock, installing soil nails and geotextile in order to stabilise the soil to the steep slopes.

With the approval of English Heritage, Central High Rise have developed a number of techniques for reinforcing and even reforming the caves where they are vulnerable or are collapsing; helping preserve these extremely important historical caves.

The reforming works include in particular masking the works to match the cave’s inner surface such that tourists visiting the caves will not be aware of the intervention.