Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

Using a wide range of safe access methods, Central High Rise’s Lightning Protection Division installs lightning conductor systems to all types of buildings and structures. Be this new builds or older complex established structures, we are an industry specialist in fitting both new and retrofit systems.

Our service contracts entrust us with testing and maintaining lightning conductor systems to the likes of the MOD, Utilities Sites, Multi Storey Housing, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Heritage sites and Ecclesiastical buildings.

All Central High Rise designs and surveys are verified by Association Accredited Designers and include sympathetically detailed systems, static earthing to ammunition sites, equipotential bonding and earth of military and police communication masts, surge protection to Level 4 systems, grain sites and silos.

Lightning Protection Risk Assessment BS EN 62305:2012

British standard BS EN 62305 states that a risk assessment must be carried out to determine what level of protection will be required. Central High Rise can offer a site survey and risk assessment to determine what level of protection will be required if any.

We have a team of ATLAS accredited designers who will carry out a risk assessment to determine exactly what level of protection will be required. This is supported by a fully trained team of operatives for the installation of the system to the highest standard ensuring safety at all times.

Central High Rise offer a wide range of lightning protection products and services from the test and inspection of lightning protection systems to the design and installation of a full faraday cage system or the supply and installation of early streamer emission systems to new builds or retro fits.

Installation of Lightning Protection

Central High Rise operatives are CSCS registered L/C installers and are fully qualified in working at height.

We can carry out remedial works or upgrades to existing systems all in accordance with BS 6651:1999 or complete installations to new builds or to existing buildings all in accordance with BS EN 62305:2012.

Due to our steeplejack roots we can gain access to a wide range of places that historically could only be reached via scaffolding. We pride ourselves on offering a complete service from start to finish.

Lightning Protection Testing to BS 6651:1999

For lightning protection installed before August 2008 the system can be tested, inspected and maintained to the previous standard (BS 6651:1999 ‘Protection of Structures Against Lightning’).

Lightning Protection Testing to BS EN 62305:2012

For systems installed after August 2008 then the system must be tested and inspected and maintained to the new standard (BS EN 62305:2006 Protection Against Lightning). BS EN 62305

Early streamer emission systems

If cost or the aesthetics of the building is an issue then Central High Rise can offer the supply and installation of Early streamer emission systems. The ESE standard, NF C 17 – 102, is from a Member State of Europe.

Surge Protection

Wherever computers and other electronic equipment are connected to a mains power supply they are at risk from transient overvoltages caused by electrical switching or secondary effect of lightning, exposing them to:

• Data loss and disruption

• Component degradation and damage

• Costly systems downtime

Install protection at the main distribution board (service entrance), sub-distribution board and local equipment to BS 7671, using:

• Lightning current / equipotential bonding SPDs

• Plug-in SPDs for local sensitive and critical equipment

• DC power SPDs (including photovoltaic systems)

• SPDs for 690 V wind turbines