Central High Rise is a multi-disciplined steeplejack company that provide all working at height solutions, with safety and integrity at height in everything we do.

The business was originally founded in 1984 as a traditional steeplejack company and has grown to be a leading innovator in safety standards. These innovations and standards enable us to offer a number of industry firsts and provide unique benefits for our clients.


Central High Rise remains one of the oldest steeplejack company in the UK and still upholds its traditional core values.

“Integrity, safety and innovation are at the heart of everything we do”

We have an extensive team of Steeplejacks, Absailers, Lightning Protection and Fall Arrest engineers all trained to provide an exceptional level of service that has led to the team at Central High Rise being acknowledged as one of the industry leaders in working at height.

Industry First’s Include:

  • The first company to recognise and adopt the benefits of the backup line system and rescue training used in the abseil industry. This was undertaken 8 years before a European Directive made it mandatory.
  • The first company to undertake rescue training in real life situations in conjunction with the Fire and Rescue Services, Mines Rescue and Paramedics.
  • First in Industry to receive an Investor in People award. We are now proud to of held since 1999
  • The first and possibly only Steeplejack company to adapt a formal buddy system that has now set the industry standard.

Typical Structures Services include

  • Industrial Chimney
  • Tall Buildings
  • Monolithic Concrete Structures
  • Ecclesiastical Buildings
  • Castles
  • Dam Walls
  • Rock Faces
  • Bridges
  • Masts

Typical Services Offered Include

  • Lightning Protection Inspections and Maintenance
  • Lightning Protection Design and Installation
  • Industrial Chimneys Inspection and Maintenance
  • Fall Arrest Inspection and Maintenance
  • Fall Arrest Design and installation
  • High Level Inspection
  • Specialist Access
  • Vegetation Removal
  • Pest Control