Fall Arrest and Fall Protection

Fall Arrest and Fall Protection

Central High Rise understands that there is an everyday need for operatives to work at height, so we aim to ensure that not only our workers are operating in the safest possible environment, but also aim to provide a safe working environment for anybody who may have the need to work at height

Central High Rise supply, install, inspect, maintain and certify an extensive range of vertical, horizontal and collective fall arrest systems to suit the both clients, user needs, a specific application or specific working environment.

Central High Rise has over 30 years of working at height experience and understand the needs of our clients in offering the expertise and knowledge they require in order to provide a safe working environment for contractors and onsite maintenance teams.

Under current CDM regulations the provision for building maintenance is developed and designed into the projects at an early stage, Central High Rise has the expertise in ‘Designing’ ‘Installing’ and ‘Commissioning’ the appropriate ‘Fall Arrest or Work Restraint System.

On an existing building or structure, a fall arrest system can be supplied and installed as a retrofit to the building, to protect an existing ladder, stairway, gantry, roofline, as required.

Our services include a free specification service to cover your Safety at Height needs; our expertise covers the necessary industry knowledge, and offers support and advice for clients, design architects, specifiers and contractors.

Our specialist team will design the ideal fall protection system for your project and location, ensuring Safe Access ‘from safe zone to danger zone and back’; yet still complement individual building design and specific planning requirements.

We have the knowledge of not only what is safe, but also what works in all environments, extremities of weather, locations and situations.

Central High Rise Limited offer a full and comprehensive fall arrest service from the test and inspection of existing installations to design and installation.


Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Central High Rise can design, install and commission ‘Vertical Fall Arrest System’ in accordance with BS EN 795


Horizontal Fall Arrest Systems

Central High Rise can design, install and commission ‘Horizontal Fall Arrest System’ in accordance with BS EN 795


Collective Fall Arrest Systems

Central High Rise can design, install and commission ‘Collective Fall Arrest System’ in accordance with BS EN 795


Single Anchor Point

Anchor points are permanent anchors in the surface of the structure. This gives more freedom of movement, if needed a temporary lifeline can be placed between two anchor points.

Alternatively, a permanent anchor point can be used as a standalone anchor point, in which case a user is secured directly to the anchor point itself. At least, a single anchor point consists of an anchor, a base plate and an attachment point.

We offer modular fall protection equipment, which means that it is possible to equip anchor points with different components for additional performance or extra functionalities. By combining standard components, it is easy to create a suitable fall protection solution for different requirements.


Work Restraint

This type of system allows a person access to carry out their duties but prevent them from reaching a point where a fall could occur.

Fall Restraint systems are generally suitable if the person needs to work close to the edge of a hazard. For example, where there is a need to maintain gutters along the edge of a roof, or if there are other potential fall hazards such as a fragile roof, roof lights or air vents.

When fitting a fall restraint system, it is recommended that the system should be tested to fall arrest loads to ensure a person’s safety in situations where the system may be misused (i.e. when the person using it wears an over-length lanyard to enable access to the edge of a roof).

Restraint systems are generally positioned more than 2 m from the hazard. This is because common practice is for the worker to be connected to the system by a fixed length 1.5 m lanyard.


PPE Supply

Central High Rise not only understand the requirements for the correct and appropriate ‘Fall Arrest System’ but also understand the requirement for the appropriate PPE to be utilised alongside the system.

On many occasion we have inspected Fall Arrest Systems but there has not been adequate or the correct equipment in place to be utilised with the system.


Safe Access Survey

Central High Rise understand there is a need for the complete working at height solution and offer a Safe Site Surveys, these are designed to review all of the clients working at height needs from the installation of fall arrest to ‘Document Management’, ‘PPE Management’ and Safe Systems of Work’.

Safe site surveys are designed to provide clients with a ‘Complete Safe System of work from planning to contractors arrival onsite, carrying out the working at height task to completion and signing of documentation.