Towers, Masts and Flagpoles

Towers, Masts and Flagpoles

Using a combination of industrial climbing techniques, the teams at Central High Rise have the skills and experience to be able to climb and inspect a variety of masts, antennas and flagpoles.


Towers and Masts

Towers and Masts come in a wide range of designs due to their working environment and can be found in urban landscapes, in sub-urban locations and even offshore around the UK.

These high rise structures support an ever expanding network of telecommunications, satellite services, TV, radio communication and power & energy requirements. Many of the larger masts support a combination of services and because of their physical height also require aircraft warning lights.

Whatever the mast design type, Central High Rise are able offer full inspection and structural repair services.

Services offered include.



Over the years Central High Rise have installed, serviced and routinely inspected an extensive range of flagpoles, generally specialising where the flagpoles are very tall installations or with awkward access requirements. Flagpoles can be made in a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, timber, galvanised and bronze; they can be ground set, outrigger fixed or lowerable design, roof and wall mounted.

Our services include:

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