Lightning Protection Testing

Lightning Protection Testing

As recommended by both the current British Standard, BS EN 62305 and its predecessor, BS 6651. The annual testing and inspection of lightning protection systems are essential for the continued safeguard of the building, the building structure itself, along with the contents and the lives of it’s occupants.

Any required maintenance is a vital part of ensuring the lightning protection system remains in a serviceable condition to preserve it’s longevity, efficiency and safety.

Lightning Protection Testing to BS 6651:1999

For lightning protection installed before August 2008 the system can be tested, inspected and maintained to the previous standard (BS 6651:1999 ‘Protection of Structures Against Lightning’).

Lightning Protection Testing to BS EN 62305:2012

For systems installed after August 2008 then the system must be tested and inspected and maintained to the new standard (BS EN 62305:2012 Protection Against Lightning). BS EN 62305

Following each test and inspection Central High Rise provide a certificate and or detailed report, highlighting any necessary remedial repairs or issues, together with a competitive quotation for your consideration backed up with photographic evidence.