Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

To ensure that adequate lightning protection is installed on a building, the design risk level for the structure should be calculated in accordance with BS EN 62305-2:2012 Protection against lightning – risk management, the recognised British Standard for the design, installation and testing of lightning protection systems.

The process for determining the risk of lightning inflicted damage to a structure and its contents, is somewhat involved when considering all the factors that need to be taken into account.

The designer initially identifies the types of loss that could result from damage due to lightning. The main aim of the procedure is to determine the risk of each type of loss identified.

The risk process then takes the designer through a series of calculations using the relevant formulae to determine the actual risk for the structure under review.

Our ATLAS accredited designers ensure we deliver complete Lightning Protection installations to new builds or to existing buildings all in accordance with BS EN 62305:2012.


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