September to December 2015 saw Central High Rise successfully completing an examination and works of the upper level of Spire to Clifton Christ Church in Bristol.

The work included a full rope access survey of the Spire and the upper level of the Tower with a comprehensive report supported by images.

The upper level of Spire, was removed and examined to exposure the King Post and Weather Vane with a photographic report for each stage.

The nature of the rebuild and works to the King Post was determined and new stone cut and installed accordingly.

Aside from the skilled stone work required by the Central High Rise team, the working at height access via ladders, ropes and scaffolding had to be methodically planned designed and installed to safeguard the specialist steeplejack working team and any Church visitors and parishioners.

Works included :-

  • Installing a tunnel scaffold from the bottom of the steps up to the church’s doorway
  • Steeplejack ladders to the internal wall of the spire up to the landing located to the top of the spire
  • Access to the roof by ladders and a tower
  • Installing steeplejack ladders to the full height of the spire to the door side
  • Install a flying scaffold to accommodate the safe removal and reinstating of the upper level of the spire which would include raising and lowering of stones from Height