Gutter Cleaning Services has evolved quite rapidly for Central High Rise, being Steeplejacks and Working at Height Specialists, the benefit we can offer over our competitors is that if a gutter is difficult to access and the roof has to be accessed to do the clean; we can do it safely with a range of techniques.

If we are accessing the roof we can also include High Level Safety Survey of the roofs to give the client not only piece of mind but safe access conformity.

As part of a High Level Survey, we include photographic images of all roofs and items surveyed, and provide a written report complete with photographic images of any defects found, around the following definitions.

Health and Safety Priority Definitions

  1. Non Health and Safety work
  2. Necessary Health and Safety work
  3. Illegal conditions; does not comply with current legislation
  4. Life threatening condition if risk event occurs
  5. Life threatening condition if work is not carried out now

Condition Grading

  • Condition A – As new
  • Condition B – Sound, operational safe and exhibits only minor deterioration
  • Condition C – Operational but major repair or replacement needed soon
  • Condition D – Inoperable or serious risk of failure or breakdown

Central High Rise can also provide Fall Arrest inspections & repairs, Lightning Protection inspections & repairs, and Chimney Inspections & repairs, enabling customers to keep their working at height to a minimum.