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Fall Arrest

  • Fall Arrest
  • Fall Arrest
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  • Fall Arrest
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Fall Arrest

Central High Rise supply, install, inspect, maintain and certify an extensive range of vertical, horizontal and multi-route fall arrest systems to suit the both clients, user needs, a specific application or specific working environment. On an existing building or structure, a fall arrest system can be supplied and installed as a retrofit to the building, to protect an existing ladder, stairway, gantry, roofline, as required

Should you have a requirement for a new fall arrest or fall restraint system, then we offer the SKYLOC Fall Protection System manufactured by our sister company.

Our services include a free specification service to cover your Safety at Height needs; our expertise covers the necessary industry knowledge, and offers support and advice for clients, design architects, specifiers and contractors.

Our specialist team will design the ideal fall protection system for your project and location, ensuring Safe Access ‘from safe zone to danger zone and back’; yet still complement individual building design and specific planning requirements.

With nearly 30 years in the industry we have the knowledge of not only what is safe, but what works in all environments, extremities of weather, locations and situations.

The key features of the SKYLOC Fall Protection System includes:-

  • Self-retrieval.
  • Multi-route junctions to ensure workers never have to unclip in the danger zone.
  • The only spark-proof fall arrest system in the world.
  • Product compatibility with all the major roofing surface and types.

‘Simple Safe’ Operation

The main benefit of the SKYLOC solution is it’s simple and safe operation for users.

SKYLOC Vertical Fall Protection

The SKYLOC vertical fall arrest system can be used a variety of instances and locations across a wide range of industries, manufactured in stainless steel the solution can be either a cable or rail based. Designed specifically for use in vertical and inclined applications; The SKYLOC vertical fall arrest system ensures safe access to structures at height during ascent and descent.

fall arrest

The SKYLOC slide brake device operates on permanently attached cable or rail and is attached to the attachment position of the safety harnesses via a lanyard. As the user moves up and along the cable or rail, the device follows allowing hands free unhindered movement. If a fall should occur the slide brake device immediately locks onto the cable or rail to arrest the fall accordingly.

Used in conjunction with a turntable the vertical system offers constant fall protection during the transfer to a SKYLOC horizontal system. This ensures the SKYLOC cable fall arrest system is not only cost effective, but also a proven safer option when working at height.

The SKYLOC Horizontal Fall Arrest System

simple and safe operation

The SKYLOC horizontal cable system is very flexible and designed to operate horizontally, around corners and up-and-down inclines.

The SKYLOC system protects through a network of rods, cables and junctions that connect to your operators harness via anchors, giving confidence while providing freedom of movement throughout the work area.

Designed specific to the site requirements, ideally the SKYLOC solution uses a direct fix to a solid structure, concrete, steel or timber purlin to ensure 1st and 2nd life rescue and recovery.

In the instances when we cannot penetrate the roof of the building SKYLOC offer deflective force posts for fall arrest which surface fix to composite metal roof sheets, membrane roof profiles, lead lined roofs etc.

‘Simple Safe’ Operation

fall arrest

The SKYLOC slide hook attaches to the fall arrest cable via a locking jaw, which opens by twisting a locking cam (below). Once the locking cam is back in place, secured by a standard karabiner, it can’t come off the cable. The operator is free to move throughout the SKYLOC network.

The SKYLOC Multi-Route Fluid Anchor System

The SKYLOC Multi-Route Fluid Anchor system ensures that there is never a need to unclip when working at height and maintains a constant contact to one system even during the transition between vertical and horizontal fall arrest systems.

Combined with the SKYLOC turntable, our cable systems are not only flexible enough to operate horizontally, around corners and up-and-down inclines, but allow a user to move around the complete and often extensive work area fully protected.

On installations where there are no safe zones at height, with SKYLOC multi-route the worker clips on once at ground level. The proper planned SKYLOC multi-route system provides safe access across a number of flat and inclined roofs, buildings or structures and vertical ladders, all the time ensuring the worker is safely clipped into one system until they return to the safe zone.

Where there is the requirement for temporary access via scaffolding, SKYLOC offer a demountable fall arrest version with scaff-clip attachment to protect the worker accordingly. For flat roofs the SKYLOC system also features ballast blocks for the complete solution.


  • All SKYLOC Multi-Route installations are proven to be safe and fit for purpose.
  • Can include 1st and 2nd life methodologyfor rescue and recovery.
  • All Fall Arrest and Multi-Route Lifelines are manufactured in compliance with European standard EN795 class C.

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